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the modern photobooth that takes photos, gifs and Boomerangs

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Personalise photos with your names

Choose what you'd like your overlay to say and we'll design it in our very own font.

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Airdrop photos instantly to your phone

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Send photos, GIFs and Boomerengs to your phone within seconds, over Airdrop for iPhone users or QR code for Android users.

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capture unlimited gifs, boomerangs and photographs


add on classic strip prints 

Take your photobooth experience to the next level with our personalised, classic style prints* for you and your guests to keep!

* optional extra not included as standard

Picture perfect  lighting every time

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Whether you're planning a day time or night time event, our luxury ring light ensures you look your best every time.

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Photobooth Phone Insta Story Wedding Gals.png

With the option of image filters you can choose between keeping it colour or classing it up with black and white.

choose between colour or black and white

let us know the vibe and we got you!


Whether you're thinking of a classy vibe for the evening and 'nice' photos or throwing a biggg party and getting super messy, we are there.

Props are included in our packages, but if you'd rather we left them at home just give us a nod beforehand.

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venues we've worked at recently

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